OSC's DSTS integrated with COTS Collimator OSC has developed a second configuration of the DMD-based multi-spectral projector called the Dynamic Sensor Test Set (DSTS). The DSTS consists of a single customized DMD, three illumination sources, relay optics, a standard test collimator, and custom drive electronics. The DMD was modified for use in the IR, visible, and UV by replacing the standard window with a BaF2 window. The DSTS may be configured with most standard COTS collimators.

This system is designed for automated high speed testing of visible and IR sensors. The DSTS is designed to replace the static target plates and choppers used on industry-standard test collimators. The DSTS is capable of performing standard tests such as MTF, MRTD, and NEDT at very high speed, as well as advanced dynamic tests such as seeker tracking and correlation. The DSTS is a dynamic scene projector which can be operated in binary or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) mode. Applications of the projector include any sensor test application which currently uses static test plates, but needs higher speed or dynamic scene capability.

Papers previously published by OSC on the DMD-based test set systems are available for download here.
Additional technical specification sheets are available for download here.

DSTS System Control Software

Optical Sciences Corporation provides custom System Control Software (SCS) for the operation of the DSTS. The software provides automated control of the DSTS. OSC engineers can also provide the necessary support to all user-development of custom software in the control of the DSTS.

The DSTS SCS may be optionally configured to control the acquistion of test from the UUT using a COTS frame-grabber board.

DSTS Specifications

Parameter Performance
Spectral Range UV to LWIR available. Determined by illumination source and optics.
Format 848x600,1024x768 or 1280x1024
Pixel Pitch 17 um
FOV dependent upon collimator
Object Size 14.4x10.2mm (for 848x600)
Maximum Binary Frame Rate >4000 Hz.
Address Mode Snapshot
Max. Duty Factor ~97%
Amplitude Resolution 1-24 bit programmable. Binary and PWM mode selectable.
MWIR Apparent DT -10C to +55C
Pixel Operability 100%
Spatial Uniformity >99.8%
Size 8.5x9.0x10.5
Interfaces CRT, DVI, NTSC, S-Video, DD02
Power Consumption 7W DMD, 50W - System