Lasers have long been employed to manipulate and control the emission of light within a controlled test environment.  Optical Sciences Corporation has provided support services to the AMRDEC HWIL facilities in the design, development, and operation of dynamic infrared scene projector systems based upon various laser sources.  Foremost is the Laser Diode Array Projector (LDAP) employing PbS laser diodes operating at cryogenic temperatures.   This development effort, led by OSC personnel, began in 1993 and culminated in a 544x544 MWIR IRSP employing 68 laser diodes in a 'push-broom' fashion.

Other laser-based IRSP systems developed at AMRDEC by OSC include a 1-D dynamic point source projector based on the PbS laser diodes, as well as a Semi-Active Laser Projector (SALP).

Several papers published by OSC discuss many aspects of these laser-based IRSP systems. These documents may be download here.

Example LDAP Output Images
The following images were projected using a laser based LDAP system. The images were subsequently collected using a commercial off-the-shelf MWIR InSb camera.